The surface of the domain is 50 ha. The property is located on the left bank of the Seine in the Eure department, 6 km as the crow flies north of Bourg-Achard, 5 km north-west of Routot and 8.5 km south of the Mailleraye sur Seine, and finally 3 km south-west of Jumièges. It occupies one-third of its area (west) the end of the agricultural plateau Routot and two-thirds (east) the steep banks of the Seine. The leisure park is the southwestern part of the massif. To the north, it is contiguous to the forest of Brotonne. To the south, a vicinal road descending towards the Seine is its limit. To the east, the property is separated from the Seine by small cadastral parcels and the towpath. Its feudal mound is one of the best preserved in the region. The topography is very tormented: steep slopes of more than 30 ° occupy two-thirds of the property. Minimum altitude: 5 m (Seine bank) Maximum altitude: 138 m. The park is populated with 70 different species of trees. The area of ​​the castle is 1800m2, that of the common and stables is 1850 m2. In the park there are three houses, that of the guardian, the one called the piercer, and those called friends. Castle Du landin is close to Rouen Deauville, Jumieges; the Seine valley, La bouille, restaurants, family-friendly activities, the golf of Jumieges, the golf of Deauville, the leisure center of the lake of Jumieges, the monastery of the beak hellouin

Chateau du Landin vue aérienne
hall d entre
Chambre Blanche lit
Salle de réunion
Maison des amis
salle de sport
Parc 2
Parc 3
Parc et maison des amis

Château du Landin,

27350 Le Landin, France |  +33 (0)680583871

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